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 Vivien Vestvud – the best perfumer of year

Vanguard British designer Vivien Vestvud (Vivienne Westwood) has received membership in UK Circle of Champions. As is known, it is the best perfumery award which is handed over by perfumery association Fragrance Foundation UK for the contribution to the industry of perfumery.

 New aroma from Oriflame
Swedish firm Oriflame has let out new aroma Radiant Lights. Perfum has incorporated the nature of this northern state, diverse and fine.
Founders of perfum have been inspired by long and solar summer days in Sweden. Radiant Lights – iskrjashchijsja the цветочно-fruit aroma filled by magic energy of the sun.
 Sofia Coppola will participate in the advertising company " Louis Vuitton "
The French fashionable house « Louis Vuitton » not for the first time surprises with the wonderful choice of heroes for an advertising campaign. This time the offer to participate in photosession with the well-known bags has acted to director Frensisu Fordu to the Coppola and its daughter of Sofia.
 How many it is possible to use the same cosmetic means?
Very often women use one and tezhe powder, blush or shadows some years successively, thus not asked by a question – as the long period of storage is reflected in quality of cosmetic means? Well and in vain, therefore as this question not idle time – long stored cosmetics is capable to cause at least allergic reaction to a leather.
 Jeweller tatu from Ines de Kastilo
Ines de Kastilo presented decorative jeweller tatu which can be carried as underwear. For data jeweller tatu is available replaceable klejushchajasja a surface by means of which the ornament fastens to a body.
 ZHizel Bundhen will represent cosmetics Max Factor